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About us

Tursi Digital Nomads is a smart working program aimed at the revaluation and repopulation of small villages.

The idea is a consequence of the new working context that is emerging due to the Covid19 pandemic.

The strategy of job reorganization in the post-pandemic era is a central theme in companies.
Many big are outlining work plans that provide a drastic reduction in office work, to the advantage of smart working, especially for those categories of "digital" workers for whom the Internet is the "place" where job actually takes place.

That's how Digital Nomads are born.


On the other hand, an other ever-actual theme is to try a revaluation of small Italian villages, plagued by a progressive and increasingly sudden depopulation and migration to large cities.

Could it be Covid and the (positive) consequences it will bring to the world of work, a keystone?

Could technology further facilitate this process?

According to the founders of the program, the answer is yes.

However, Tursi Digital Nomads wants to be more.

Nomade digitale

Our program

The program, designed both for local digital nomads and for those from the rest of Italy or Europe, has been realized in Tursi, a small town in southern Italy. The aim is to re-valuate the historical and artistic centre by giving the opportunity to digital nomads to visit the city and doing their job routines, taking the advantage to access an office-like working environment, in a special co-working area to be shared with colleagues and professionals from many sectors.

The Co-working area is located in the old municipality building,
a very important historical, artistic and cultural place.
An original and at the same time stimulating and creative environment.

Digital Nomads coming from abroad will find in the website a set of Accomodations options in the hystorical centre of the city.

Many food, fitness and free-time Services will be available for who will join the program

Contact us to find out how to join the program

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